Hi! I’m Lindsay, and welcome to the ginger root. I started this blog to help enable women to make easy, healthful, and delicious food to fuel one of the most important times in their lives – their pregnancies and post-natal period, and to make cooking healthy foods for little ones less confusing. I have two daughters – ages 3 and 9-months, and I love all things pregnancy related (although, I’m not really sure I want to be pregnant again!!).

One of my absolute favourite things to do is read or talk to other women about their birth stories. Becoming a mother is a shared event that many of us go through, demonstrating our innate bravery and inner strength (no matter what kind of birth it is!). It is an amazing connection to share.

My other favourite topic is food and nutrition. I’ve always had a passion for all things health, but I find myself drawn to nutrition the most.  I started doing my own research in high school, took basic and clinical nutrition courses in University, and I’d love to continue my formal training as soon as I can make some time for it!

I have a Master’s Degree in health and have spent the last decade working in research-based health promotion. Because of my background, I care a lot about real, true, scientific facts, so you can find me reading about the latest news in food trends (is fat the enemy? What about bacon? …), finding out which products are the new health-washing fakes, and trying out the new health food crazes in my kitchen (smoothie bowls or black bean brownies, anyone?).

What I know to be completely true is that the best nutrition advice is this: Make homemade meals using real (not packaged or processed) whole food ingredients as much as possible. Sounds easy and basic, right? But surprisingly, it’s not. Most of us really don’t know where to start.

Something I’ve realized over the past few years is that there is a real learning curve in learning how to cook using healthy whole foods in your own kitchen, with minimal stress and frustration. Add in the extra-special factors of being pregnant, nursing a baby, healing from delivery, or trying to feed babies and toddlers at the same time, and it becomes a pretty crucial skill for well-being, happiness, and reduced stress.

Cooking takes practise, and it takes easy recipes to follow so that you can try new ingredients, build your confidence in the kitchen, and grow a love of healthy meals. So I hope that is what you will find here: A tool to make cooking healthfully easy and straightforward, and to help you climb over that learning curve for good.

I’d love to hear from you: let me know what your biggest challenges in the kitchen are, what your favourite go-to meals for pregnancy or your little ones are, or what you’re hoping to get out of learning to cook. Feel free to comment on the blog, find me on Instagram (@the.ginger.root), or chat with me on twitter (@tayasani). I’d also love to see the food you make if you follow any of my recipes and tricks –make sure to tag them #gingerrooteats!

Happy cooking! Wishing you delicious meals and lots and lots of downtime 😉


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